Mosaic Kits available from the Dancing Teapot in Liston Court,Marlow


These unique kits are available only from the Dancing Teapot in Marlow.

They have been designed and created by me and are great for both adults and kids. Do be aware that mosaics contain small parts so are not really suitable for the under 5s and young children will need adult supervision.

Kits contain everything you need to complete the mosaic. All you need to find is a little plastic pot, like an empty yoghurt pot, and a few teaspoons of water. Each kit comes boxed with a picture of the suggested mosaic layout. Boxes are suitable for posting should you want to send them as a gift.

Most kits available at the moment are freestanding, and cost £18-£22 each. I am working on some hanging kits that will be a little cheaper.

I hope you enjoy making them as much as I have.

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